Can we be met at any Irish airport?

Yes. We have a preference for Dublin, Cork or Shannon.

Where can we fly into?

Choose from Cork, Dublin or Shannon airport where we will greet you on arrival and chauffeur you to your hotel.

How does booking process work?

Usually a depost to secure the dates .Please send us an enquiry for further information 

When is a good time to vacation in Ireland?

Weather wise, the most consistently fine months are May and September, (April and October are usually quite settled also) not necessarily the warmest just a better chance of settled weather. Also at this time it’s the shoulder season which means better value and fewer visitors to share the roads and views with.
The weather in Ireland is generally changeable, the East coast being generally dryer and the South West coast milder. The warming influence of the Gulf stream current keeps Southern Ireland quite temperate. The genorous rain fall Ireland receives combined with the temperate climate lends itself to the greening of the country i.e. ‘The Emerald Isle’ or ‘Forty shades of green’ are often phrases heard when describing Ireland. No matter what time of year, its always green and always beautiful. 
June, July and August are the busy months, higher prices and weather is unpredictable.  It can be a beach day one day then rain the next. Keep a close eye on local weather reports and plan accordingly. The major plus is that the days are long and this makes for great touring and it never gets too hot.
For the adventurous, Autumn early Winter can be another option especially for those who live in warm climates and don’t mind ‘a soft day’ meaning wet weather or even stormy days. There is still a good stretch in the day and the colder weather hasn’t yet kicked in.
The Wild Atlantic Way really raises its head from October on, when huge Atlantic swells pound the Western seaboard. After a day witnessing this impressive onslaught one can imagine retreating back to turf fires and hot whiskeys while listening to the elements outside. At this time of year there are great deals and you get to avoid the throngs of tourists too.
One is probably more confused after reading this article but that pretty much sums up the Irish weather, Confusing! The Irish are obsessed with the weather and expect many conversations while on vacation here to include the weather! It really dosen’t get extremes of hot or cold ; tornado’s, hurricanes, or much snow and isn’t all that bad as we like to make out, just always have the raingear handy, sunscreen, woolly jumper, etc 

Can we ask for a reference from former customers or from the Irish Tourist agency about Wild Way Tours?

Of course,any number of our past customers would be delighted to vouch for the quality,standard,safety and fun of our private tours. Also the Irish Tourist office would do likewise. Please ask for further details on how to contact these parties.

What about gratuities?

Tipping your driver is at your discretion. Guides depend on gratuities and it is seen to be a measure of the service received. Suggested 15%